Man arrested for stealing 5 cents of electricity


You’ve probably seen people charging their cellphones or laptops at airports, malls, and other public places. But would you believe someone could be arrested for charging their electric car in public?

There was a story about a Georgia man who plugged his Nissan Leaf in at a high school while his son was playing tennis.  Well, this guy was arrested for theft…of electricity. By doing what’s called “trickle charging,” he used around 4 or 5 cents of electricity in the 20 minutes he was plugged in.

Now, it is true the man did *not* have the permission of the school to charge his vehicle. And the police say they will arrest anyone else who does it again. But the guy spent a day in jail, pending release on bond, and will now face criminal charges. I think that’s ridiculous. I think it’s Clarkrageous. What about you??

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