Lowering the cost of electric car chargers


A group named EMW (Electric Motor Works) of Palo Alto, Calif., has developed a lost-cost alternative to the pricey 240-volt electric car chargers that are currently available. 

But wait, there is even better news.  It’s open sourced, meaning the blueprints are open, and anyone who cares to can make improvements.

The cost? A kit that you assemble will be available for $99 and pre-assembled kits will run you $199.

Besides range anxiety, one big hurdle to getting more consumers to adopt the electric car is absorbing the cost of a home 240-volt charging station as these can range from $1,000 to $2,000 dollars.  Many consumers see that expense and recoil, thinking that a lot of gas can be purchased for the cost of the charger alone.

Several low cost alternatives have recently been introduced, including a model from Bosch that retails for around $700.  So, the prices are coming down, but EMW’s entry into the marketplace could represent a whole new level of savings for those who would like to quickly recharge their EVs.

EMW currently has a campaign on KickStarter.com to raise money to start production.   And, if their campaign reaches $40,000, they pledge to include wifi in their charging stations!

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