How to stop a car thief? Hide your owner’s manual!


The easiest way to ensure your car’s security is to lock it when you leave it.

But in the case that you forget to do so, or if locked car doors don’t impede a thief from breaking in the vehicle, remember this: hide the car manual.

Some drivers even take the manual out of the car. 

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Why the owner’s manual is so important to car thieves

According to police, it’s one of the most important things car thieves need to get away with your car.

‘The owner’s manual has a special PIN number, sometimes your registration and VIN, and (thieves) will try to contact (the) manufacturer to get (the) keys replaced,’ said Indian Shores Police Chief Terry Hughes.And most times, the owner’s manual still has a valet key in there, and (car owners) don’t know it’s in there.’

Hughes said car thieves can be very intentional.

‘They will go to dealership, show them (the) manual and say, ‘I lost my key,” said Hughes.

If they’re given a new key, they’ll return to the car that same day or in the near future to steal it. 

Hughes said there are different pages in each car’s manual that tell car owners what to do if they lose their key. The manual also provides important vehicle information. 


‘They’ll get (the) VIN number off that paperwork (and) call the dealer to see what type of paperwork they need to get spare key,” said Hughes.

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