How to avoid undeserved rental car damage fees


Avoiding damage fees

I rent cars almost every week. And for most people it is not a common occurrence. You might rent a car maybe a couple times a year, or maybe only once every few years. You need to know how the game is played. If you rent a car that has any damage on it at all, and you don’t note that before you leave the rental car plaza, they are going to rip your wallet apart when you return the vehicle.

So I’ll tell you what you do when you are renting a car. You walk thoroughly around that car. You inspect it completely. Use the flashlight built into your cell phone if it’s dark, if you are in a garage getting that car. To make sure there is no damage and when you return the car you take that cell phone and video tape the outside so later if they say you did damage it, when you returned it perfectly, you’ll have video evidence that it was not damaged at all. It is war for your wallet–you got to know how to be the winning general. I’m Clark Howard. 

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