How much your commute is costing you


According to the Auto Insurance Center, 86% of us commute by car every day. The average American spends 42 hours of their life each year stuck in traffic.

This is costing the average person $960 a year.

You may think you’re saving money by moving far out of town and getting a cheaper house, but unfortunately, the cost of the commute, even with the cheaper house, could cost you more than a more expensive house closer to work.

If you’ve got access to public transportation, think about using it! And don’t count out using ride share services like Uber or Lyft. With these options you’ll ditch the car payment and the insurance as well.

Other ways to save: Find a buddy and take advantage of HOV lanes… riding in that lane will save you money and time. And it will give you someone to talk to instead of sitting alone stewing in traffic.

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