Watch hackers remotely take control of a Jeep on the highway


Hackers claim they have developed software that can effectively take control of a Jeep Cherokee’s dashboard, transmission, steering and even brakes.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek recently demonstrated to Wired Magazine how they were able to take control of a Jeep Cherokee driving down a highway outside St. Louis, Missouri, with the hackers controlling the vehicle miles away utilizing the Internet and the Jeep’s cellular-connected entertainment system. 

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In the video, the two hackers were able to remotely control the vehicle’s fan, music and windshield wipers from their home miles away. The hackers eventually turned the Jeep off remotely, thus disabling it on a busy highway. They also demonstrated that at low speeds while in reverse, the hackers could control the steering and brakes. They demonstrated this exploit by crashing the Jeep into a ditch.

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The hackers are sharing their research with Chrysler and the company has apparently written a software patch. Wired reports that this patch must be manually implemented using a USB or by a dealership.

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