Get $3,000 for buying a natural gas car


Honda wants to give you $3,000 so you can buy fuel at a price that’s approximately $2 a gallon.

Sounds like a deal? That’s the latest incentive the Japanese automaker is rolling out to entice people to buy a natural-gas powered sedan.

The $3,000 comes as debit card that can be used at the Clean Energy chain of fueling stations.

Natural gas is an incredibly cheap fuel because of our massive supply of the domestically source fuel.

The price equivalent for driving a mile in a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle is $2 a gallon at a time when near $4 a gallon seems to have become the new norm.

I used to own a 2007 Honda Civic GX that ran on natural gas. I loved the car, but the problem was fueling it up. There was one filling station — only one — within 200 miles of my home. And it was in such a dangerous neighborhood that I had to buy a weapon just to go fill up!

Two years later, I sold the 2007 Honda for more than I paid for it. There was a buying frenzy surrounds CNG cars at that time.

The Civic sedan that Honda is now selling goes for $26,000 versus a gas-engine equivalent of around $21,500. But over a number of years, this is great alternative because it emits little pollution and has low operating and fuel expenses.

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