Ford introduces a 3-cylinder engine


Remember “Ford has a better idea,” the old ad campaign? It was a great tagline that came at a time when Ford was really not making reliable cars. Back then, critics were more apt to say Ford stood for “fix or repair daily.”

Today, though, they’ve done an about face and make reliable, innovative vehicles. While the Excursion, the Expedition and the Explorer made Ford the champ of gas guzzlers a decade ago, the company does things in a completely different way today.

Ford now has the EcoBoost technology, an engine design that allows small engines to give great power and great fuel economy.

In addition, Ford is rolling out a 3-cylinder engine. It will be one-fifth the size under the hood of a traditional engine, and it allows great fuel economy on traditional gas — no need for hybrid, plug-in or anything else. You should have no problem going 80 miles per hour on the 3-cylinder and there will be plenty of pickup. Expect around 50 miles per gallon on this engine.

There’s a belief that to get fuel-efficient cars, we all have to drive around in tiny econo-boxes. It’s simply not true. You can make fuel-efficient cars of larger sizes by using technology. It may cost more to integrate the technology, but with gas being as high as it is, maybe people are willing to foot that extra money.

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired June 2011.

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