New Report: The 10 Fastest-Selling New and Used Cars

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Prices have made some dramatic reductions over the past several months, although not as much as money expert Clark Howard wants them to drop, but the market is improving.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in how fast some vehicles are selling off dealer lots. Car research site iSeeCars recently listed some of the fastest-selling new and used cars.

What New and Used Vehicles Are Selling the Fastest?

To arrive at its numbers, iSeeCars analyzed more than 228,000 new and used car sales from July 2023. For used cars, the site only looked at vehicles from one to five years old.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the fastest-selling new and used cars.

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • The fastest-selling new vehicle is the Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid, which takes on average only 9.2 days to sell.
  • The fastest-selling used vehicle is the Honda HR-V, which takes only 34.4 days to sell.
  • The average used car sells in 49 days, which is 6.1 percent faster than a year ago, but new cars have slowed by 25.7%.

Now let’s take a look at the fastest-selling new cars and then we’ll look at their used counterparts.

Top 10 Fastest-Selling New Cars

Vehicle ModelAverage Days To SellAverage Price
Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid9.2$56,396
Land Rover Range Rover10.4$149,241
Toyota Grand Highlander10.7$53,705
GMC Yukon19.7$82,342
Lexus NX 350h19.7$51,510
Kia Forte21.0$23,867
Subaru Crosstrek21.8$31,250
BMW X122.1$46,310
Toyota Corolla22.6$24,819
Toyota Sienna (Hybrid)22.9$51,170

“It’s interesting that used cars, overall, are selling 6.1 percent faster than a year ago, but the most popular models are selling 26 percent slower,” iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer says in a news release. “This suggests consumers are considering a wider range of used cars and seeking the best value wherever they can find it. Essentially, the strong grip previously held by popular used models is loosening.”

Top 10 Fastest-Selling Used Cars

Vehicle ModelAverage Days To SellAverage Price
Honda HR-V34.4$24,496
Acura ILX35.3$26,091
Toyota Highlander Hybrid36.6$42,119
Acura RDX36.8$35,864
Hyundai Venue38.0$19,764
Honda Insight38.3$24,567
Honda CR-V38.5$28,660
Honda Civic38.8$24,619
Toyota C-HR38.9$23,462
Toyota Sienna (Hybrid)39.1$44,233

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Money expert Clark Howard’s general rule on purchasing a car is to buy a two or three-year-old vehicle in order to avoid taking the brunt of the depreciation.

But given today’s inflated prices on used vehicles, he’s tweaked that advice a bit.

“If you can buy that three-year-old vehicle for a third less than what a new one would be, then go ahead and buy the three-year-old used vehicle,” Clark says. “On the other hand, if the gap is less than that, that would push you more toward buying a new one.”

Clark says he expects used car prices to decrease at some point.

“The manufacturers ultimately are going to have to serve the market with what the market is demanding. And the market is demanding lower-cost vehicles,” Clark says.

Read up on when Clark projects car prices to go down.

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