Fancy high-volume gas stations sell fuel at a discount


The way you buy gas is changing and that’s good for your wallet.

There’s a new wave of high volume gas stations opening around the country from the likes of Sheetz, Wawa, Quik Trip, Kwik Trip and Racetrac. The idea governing these structures is that a woman alone any time of day would not feel uncomfortable gassing up there, using the bathroom, or grabbing a cup of coffee.

The focus on what would a woman would like has created a force in gas retailing. These stations typically sell gas at 10 to 15 cents cheaper than the Big Oil filling stations.

If you take those stations, plus the wholesale clubs, supermarket chains and Wal-Marts that sell guess, that’s some serious competition for low volume, high cost gas stations.

The alternative is to go to those little Führerbunker gas stations, as they’re called in the lingo of the trade, with the little teeny concrete building in the middle where the attendant is behind glass and you slip money under the glass.

If the attendant is behind glass like that, how safe are you out at pump? You’re not! So why not have a better experience, a safer experience and a lower cost experience?

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