Experts warn winter coats could put kids in car seats at injury risk


Parents should remove winter coats before strapping their children into car seats.

The bulky winter clothing could have deadly consequences.

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Be sure to keep your children safe

According to WREX, University of Michigan researchers say thick winter clothing could lead to the car seat straps not being tight enough to keep the child securely in the seat. Researcher Miriam Manary told WREX that the harness clip should be at armpit level, and parents should not be able to pinch any webbing at the shoulder.

A child in a car seat with loose straps is at greater risk of being ejected from the seat, which could lead to serious injury or death.

To keep a child warm in the winter while in the car, a jacket or blanket can be draped over the child.

Safety experts recommend all car occupants remove bulky jackets while in a moving car.

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