Energy independence without gov’t involvement


The price of gas these days is a real pain for most of us consumers. But what about those who own trucking companies, or do deliveries for a living? For them, it’s far more than a pain; it could destroy their business.

But what if we could lower the cost of gas, cut our energy dependence and reduce air pollution at the same time? That would bewin-win all around.

Natural gas vehicles accomplish all of the above. But the challenge for their owners has been finding places to fuel up.

Navistar, a major truck manufacturer, is launching a line of trucks that run on natural gas. And they’ve worked out a deal with the Pilot and Flying J truck stops to build a network of natural gas fueling stations to help with fleet fuel-ups.

And in many states, you can have a natural gas refueling station installed at your home or business.

We have about a 75-110 year supply of natural gas here in the U.S. The price is low, and it’s an inexpensive way to break our dependence on foreign oil.

Navistar is doing it on their own, without any help from the government. The rest of us just have to get with the program!

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