Don’t drive distracted! Cheap $5 to $10 hands-free options are available


With all the improvements technology has made to our lives, distracted driving remains a sore spot for motorists, pedestrians and law enforcement alike.

That’s prompted 15 states to put distracted-driving laws on the books that forbid you from holding a mobile device while you’re behind the wheel. Come July 1, the state of Georgia will join that group.

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A cheap option for hands-free driving

Christa DiBiase, our General Manager here at, is already complying with the upcoming Georgia law thanks to a couple of cheap purchases she recently made.

For months now, Christa has had something called a Pop Socket on her phone. The Pop Socket is a large button you stick on the back of your phone that expands and contracts thanks to an accordion mechanism.

pop socket american flag

When you have a Pop Socket on your phone, the socket can prop your phone on its side, or you can use the socket itself as a grip.

pop socket

Some people find holding the phone by the Pop Socket while talking is more comfortable than doing so without — particularly for long conversations.

Pop Sockets like the one pictured above routinely sell for anywhere from $2 to $10 on Amazon.


But with the advent of the July 1 distracted driving law in Georgia, Christa still needed a way to be able to look at Waze while driving. She needed her phone to be at eye level, but she couldn’t have it in her hands, of course.

That’s why she purchased a $10 vehicle mount for her Pop Socket on Amazon.

pop socket mount

It sticks on her dashboard at eye level near her steering wheel and she can easily hook her phone on it before driving and remove her phone from it when she’s parked at her final destination.

Here’s an illustration of the process:

pop socket mount

pop socket mount 2

hands-free mount 3

pop socket mount 4

Of course, a lot of physical stores offer similar solutions — making this one purchase you don’t necessarily have to do online. Among them are Five Below and Walmart.


Walmart offers a magnetic mounted mobile phone holder for $5 that looks like this:

magnetic phone holder

Five Below, meanwhile, has several options also priced at $5 including this one that attaches to your vehicle’s air vent:

five below phone car mount

The point is, there are a lot of cheap options out there to help you comply with distracted-driver laws in your state!

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