Diesels are good alternative to hybrids


Looking for a more fuel-efficient car? You’re not limited to just hybrids anymore. Here’s one great alternative you might not have considered…

If you’re trying to find a more fuel-efficient vehicle, a hybrid may not be your thing. I drive and Prius and so does my daughter. We both love it. But many people don’t want to be caught in a Prius; to them, it’s badge of nerdiness they don’t want to be associated with.

So how do you get that wonderful fuel economy and still have something with get up and go? How about a diesel?

Volkswagen has the least costly one — the Jetta TDI with a true street price of around $21,000.

The Chicago Tribune  reports the Jetta TDI gets 30 miles per gallon in the city vs. 24 mpg with a traditional gas engine version. On the highway, it really shines: 42 mpg (diesel) vs. 34 mpg (gas engine).

Now that’s a lot of get up and go!

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