Compact SUVs sales continue growing


Americans continue migrating to compact SUVs, a new category of automobile here in the United States that is growing like wildfire.

Compact SUVs are made on the same platform as a compact car or even a traditional sedan. But they have a top that gives you a lot of room. It’s not uncommon for a compact SUV to easily hold two adults and three kids with two or three rows of seats. And the car platform means the fuel economy they get is greatly improved compared to traditional SUVs.

Smart Money  magazine reports the compact SUV sales are being driven by the Honda CR-V and Toyota’s RAV4. The segment is seeing sales up 20% from a year ago, and compact SUVs are now the third most popular kid of vehicle you can buy.

They generally get fuel economy (highway/city combined) of mid to upper 20 miles per gallon versus the SUVs of old that get 13 mpgs. Moreover, compact SUVs are being called “today’s station wagon” in contrast to the hulking beasts of the past.

So if you’re looking for another way to get the cost of fuel under control and have a vehicle that fits your lifestyle, you might want to consider a compact SUV.

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