Clark rented a subcompact car and got this instead…


Clark isn’t the type of guy who would let a little trouble at the car rental counter ruin his vacation – and he was really put to the test over the weekend!

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After flying to Orlando following a Habitat for Humanity build in Tulsa, Clark went to get the keys for his rental car: a subcompact.

If you’ve rented a subcompact car before, you know they’re usually the cheapest. Think Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. All very small cars.

Here’s an example:

Clark rented a subcompact car and got this instead

But the customer service representative told Clark they were out of cars and asked if he knew how to drive a big truck. Clark said yes, and he ended up with a passenger van that can haul 15 people!  

Clark rented a subcompact car and got this instead

And that wasn’t all. On Facebook, Clark explained that the van was filthy and had no gas! He barely filled up in time.

Of course, Clark took it all in stride and made the 120-mile trip from the airport to Jacksonville Beach in his gas-guzzling passenger van.


Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches!

Interestingly, one of Clark’s Facebook fans said the same thing happened to him this week, and he had a picture to prove it!

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