Car wrapping makes a comeback


Nearly 20 years ago, I would get calls all the time from people asking how they could get their car wrapped with advertising and get paid for it. All of the companies that did car wrapping folded in the early 2000s. Everyone else who has claimed to do it since then has been a scam…until now.

The return of car wrapping

A West Coast tech startup called Wrapify will pay you to wrap your car with advertising in select cities (San Diego, San Francisco). You have to be 21 years or older, have a clean driving record and own or lease a 2008 or newer vehicle.

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As a driver, once you’re registered and accepted into the program, you simply fire up the app on your phone and it tracks your mileage and where you go. (The app is currently iOS only with an Android version coming.)

You can even choose your car’s ‘look’ with either full, partial or panel advertising. If you select the full wrap and drive an average 25 mile daily round trip, you could earn up to $400 a month.

Advertising campaigns last anywhere from one month to 12 months. Some advertisers already on board include eBay, Petco, and Harrah’s Resorts. One more caveat: Driving for a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft will bar you from acceptance into the Wrapify program at this time. That may change down the road, but those are the program rules for now.

I hope this company turns out to be successful because people would love to defray the cost of car ownership. Back before 2000, I signed up with every company there was and nobody wanted to wrap my car. I drove a really beat up old car at the time, so I think that had something to do with it!

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