Gas guzzlers and fuel sippers both a deal right now


Looking for a deal in the car market? The marketplace is like a barbell at the moment, with vehicles at either extreme — both those that get terrible fuel economy and those that get great fuel economy — representing a real deal right now.

SUVs that are built on truck platforms are not selling right now. In fact, I saw a Manheim Auto Auction report that showed giant SUVs have dropped precipitously in value, especially at trade-in time. So if you want a truck-based SUV, now is the time to get a real deal.

At the other extreme, people are not buying fuel sippers even with $3/gallon gas on average right now. Toyota Prius sales are down, and dealers have a lot of 2010 Priuses still sitting on their lots. Ditto for other fuel-efficient brands and models.

Meanwhile, has a car-buying program that offers members a negotiated price on car purchases. No need to haggle at a dealership any more. You simply get a voucher that you present to a dealer for a pre-negotiated price and they honor it.

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