Study: These cities have the best and worst drivers in America


The average U.S. driver goes 10.57 years between collisions, according to a report by Allstate, and the insurance company discovered that the likelihood of you being involved in a car crash has a lot to do with where you live.

Allstate recently listed its annual America’s Best Drivers Report, which ranks the U.S. cities with the best and worst drivers. The cities with the most safe and not-so-safe motorists are:

  • Brownsville, Texas: This city takes the top spot for the second consecutive year.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: This city’s drivers made the most collision claims.

Allstate: Cities with the best and worst drivers

The purpose of the study, now in its 15th year, is to bring attention to driver safety, the insurer says. The report analyzes property damage claims from January 2016 to December 2017 to determine the likelihood of a collision in America’s 200 largest cities.

Did your city make the list? Check out the following charts to see if you live in a place with the best — or worst — drivers.

Top 15 cities with the best drivers

2019 Rank Cities Average Years Between Collisions 2018 Rank
1 Brownsville, Texas 14.95 1
2 Boise, Idaho 13.65 3
3 Huntsville, Alabama 13.39 4
4 Kansas City, Kansas 13.21 2
5 Laredo, Texas 13.02 6
6 Olathe, Kansas 12.66 11
7 Fort Collins, Colorado 12.60 9
8 Overland Park, Kansas 12.44 13
9 McAllen, Texas 12.42 10
10 Cape Coral, Florida 12.24 8
11 Madison, Wisconsin 12.18 5
12 Cary, North Carolina 12.02 14
13 Colorado Springs, Colorado 12.01 20
14 Port St. Lucie, Florida 11.84 12
15 Scottsdale, Arizona 11.63 16

This is the first year that “Risky Roads” — cities with the worst drivers — are included in the report. Plus, you can see the roads and highways where you need to exercise a little more caution while driving.

Top 15 cities with the worst drivers

Rank Cities ‘Risky Roads’
200 Baltimore, Maryland Highway 695
199 Washington, D.C. Highway 295
198 Boston, Massachusetts Route 93
197 Worcester, Massachusetts Main Street
196 Glendale, California 134 Freeway
195 Los Angeles, California 405 Freeway
194 Springfield, Massachusetts Interstate 91
193 Providence, Rhode Island Route 95
192 Alexandria, Virginia Richmond Highway
191 Oakland, California Highway 880
190 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Roosevelt Boulevard
189 San Francisco, California Highway 101
188 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Interstate 10
187 Pasadena, California 210 Freeway
186 Hayward, California Highway 880

Allstate Chief Claims Officer Ken Rosen says drivers should use this report to focus on keeping our roads safe.

“Each of us needs to ask how we can do our part in our day-to-day lives and for our communities,” Rosen says in a news release. “And beyond that, this country needs to come together to address pressing safety issues, such as rebuilding our roadway infrastructure to reduce risky conditions on America’s roads.”

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