The 10 best family cars for 2018

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Busy parents have unique needs in transportation. Of course, things like fuel economy and safety are at the top of the list, but so are the family-friendly features that automakers are incorporating more and more into their vehicles these days. Auto ratings and review site has partnered with for the 11th straight year to produce a list of new cars that are the best fits for families.

The 10 most family-friendly vehicles in 2018

Here are the 10 Best Family Cars, according to Edmunds &

Best Minivan

  • Honda Odyssey — Don’t look now but minivans and trucks are dominating the automotive market as many people are choosing functionality over cosmetic appeal. The Honda Odyssey is deemed the best of both worlds.

Best Three-Row SUVs

  • Volkswagen Atlas — The Atlas is highlighted on the list because of its ease of fitting not only a family of five, but pets, toys and other gear you might want to haul on an outing.

  • Chevrolet Traverse — Three-row SUVs are an affirmation that families are in need of space more than anything. And if one of the kids wants to recline and get some rest, it’s no problemo.

Best Two-Row SUVs

  • Ford Edge — Three-rower too bulky for you? Try a two-row SUV, which can give you more maneuverability, something the Ford Edge is great at.

  • Acura RDX — Another bonus of the two-rower is that they’re generally much better when it comes to gas mileage compared to three-row SUVs.


Best SUV-Like Wagons (or Best SUV-Wagon Combos)

  • Subaru Outback — Edmunds says this segment “combines the truck-like utility of SUVs and hatchbacks with the driving manners of a standard passenger sedan.”

  • Kia Soul — A bit boxy, the Kia Soul is an apt road warrior, mixing all the creature comforts you’d expect with ample cargo space in the back.

Best Sedans

  • Honda Accord — A consistent top seller, the Accord has proven to be just as popular with families as it is with single folks.

  • Chevrolet Malibu — “Today’s sedans offer compelling advantages, including trouble-free entry and exit, easy cargo loading and typically better gas mileage. And even if you already own an SUV, sedans are a great second family car,” Edmunds says.

Best Hybrid

  • Toyota Prius — Because families are more likely to look for ways to save money, it makes sense that a hybrid vehicle makes this list. Those like the Prius offer comfort along with cargo space in the rear of the vehicle.

If you’ve enjoyed your family-friendly vehicle and thinks it deserves a mention, let us know in the comments below!

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