Automatic offers smart driving assistant to save money on gas


Are you willing to put yourself to the driving test? Then get ready for new technology that can grade your performance on the road and maybe save you money.  offers a $100 device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and then synchs up to your smartphone.

With Automatic, you can get real time driving feedback on rough braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration. This smart driving assistant can save you money on gas by telling you how to modify your driving behavior. It can also remember where you parked, and even call for help in a crash.

You can even diagnose your own check engine light using this thing! I plan to get the Automatic and test it out. Look for my video review of the service coming in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, my daughter will be driving in 232 days. That thought terrifies my wife whenever I talk about it. For any parent, a kid starting to drive is a terrorizing thought. My son has 7 years until he starts. The difference in auto safety features he’ll find in 7 years will be mind-blowing compared to what my daughter will find next year.

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