Automakers adjust to higher gas prices


The American economy, consumers, and even automakers are adjusting what they do and how they do it in light of rising gas prices.

I was recently at the Atlanta Car Show with my 7-year-old son and noticed something I’d never seen before: Automakers were giving their most prominent positions to their most fuel efficient vehicles.

For example, Lincoln was pushing its MKZ hybrid with 40 miles per gallon; Nissan was pushing its poorly selling Leaf; and Ford had its CMax hybrid and the Fusion hybrid, which both get 45 or 47 mpg — though Consumer Reports puts those mpg ratings at closer to 40.

So there’s big shift where that price of a gallon of gas will mean less and less to you going forward. As we get hit over the head with higher gas prices year after year, we change what we do when it’s time to change what you drive.

That is, after your current vehicle has aged out, of course!

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