I Saw an Ad Offering $750/Week To Put an Advertising Sticker on My Car. Is This Legitimate?


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Facebook Ad Offers $750 a Week To Put an Aldi Sticker on My Car. Does This Sound Legit?

Vienne from Florida says: “I saw an ad on Facebook to receive $750 a week from Aldi if you put their sticker on your car. It links to a rewards company and asks if you have CashApp. Is this legit?”

Clark’s Take on Whether an Ad To Put an Advertising Sticker on Your Car Is Legit

Clark says: “It is not legit.” He cites two reasons:

  • The amount of money mentioned ($750) is way above the going rate.
  • The reference to CashApp is consistent with other money payment scams.

Let’s deal with each of these points one by one.

$750 a Week for a Car Wrap? No Way

“When companies pay you to put their advertisement wrap on your vehicle, you’re not getting anywhere near $750 a week,” Clark says.

With a legit car-wrapping company like Wrapify, the most it will offer is around $450 a month, according to its website, and even then you’d have to drive quite a bit.

“There’s a very small marketplace for having a vehicle wrapped now and being paid for it. But you get paid a fraction of the $750 a week,” Clark adds.

Payment Via CashApp

While CashApp is a reputable company, you should be leery of any business that wants to pay you using a payment app. The Federal Trade Commission says scammers use these apps routinely to try to steal your money.

“There are a lot of scamsters out there that want access to your payment format and in your case, CashApp, so they can get at the money in your checking account,” Clark says.

Doing a little research, we uncovered this car-wrapping scam mentioned by the FTC. The amount in question? $750.

We also reached out to Aldi for comment and will update you with what the company has to say.


Bottom Line

If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

“I can tell you that it would be the oddest of odd occurrences in any way that this would be legit,” Clark says. “The odds are just overwhelming that this would be one of the scams.”

Clark.com has long warned about car-wrapping scams and how to protect yourself. 

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