These apps will help you get out of a parking ticket


Need to get out of a parking or speeding ticket? Check out these apps that help make the process of getting out of a ticket much easier!

4 apps that can help you fight that traffic ticket

  • Fixed: Take a photo of your ticket and submit it for review for free. Then if more steps are required, Fixed makes the process super easy.
  • GetDismissed: Uses your phone’s camera to read your driver’s license and your traffic ticket to produce all your defense documents to submit to the court so you don’t have to go to court! The cost of this service is $99.
  • WinIt: A mobile app that allows you to manage and dispute your NYC parking tickets easily. More cities coming soon.
  • LegalTapLegalTap connects the public with lawyers for quick 15 minute video consultations, anytime and anyplace. For $39 you can connect with a lawyer in every field of practice. 

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