Allstate introduces claim satisfaction guarantee


Allstate is a company that has never had a very good customer satisfaction rating with Consumer Reports or the American Customer Satisfaction Index. In fact, they’ve typically been at the bottom end of the heap.

But in an effort to restore confidence to their brand, the insurer is now offering an auto claim satisfaction guarantee in a reported 31 states. The guarantee reads, in part, “If you’re not happy with how your Allstate car insurance claim goes — for any reason — Allstate will give you credit on your premium for up to six months.”

If you’re a customer and you find yourself in this situation, you simply have to send a letter to the company at the following address explaining your gripe:

Allstate Insurance, CSG
P.O. Box 11904
Roanoke, VA 24022-9933

When you’re in business, it always pays to remember that you exist to provide a product or service at a price people are willing to pay. Allstate is trying to take that to heart. If you forget that, you lose your way.

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