Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are most likely to drive


If you think the wealthiest Americans all drive either a Lexus, Mercedes or Porsche, think again!

A new study from MaritzCX found that the Ford F-150 was the most popular vehicle among people earning more than $200,000 a year, according to USA Today.

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Why’s that? Many “regular cars” now offer the same features that come equipped with expensive vehicles.

MaritzCX told USA Today that there’s been a steady shift out of luxury vehicles as more wealthy people opt to buy SUVs and trucks instead.

That’s certainly reflected in the top 5 list below:

1. Ford F-150 (MSRP starting at $26,730)

Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are driving

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee (MSRP starting at $30,395)

Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are driving

3. Honda Pilot (MSRP starting at $30,595)

Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are driving

4. Jeep Wrangler (MSRP starting at $23,995)

Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are driving

5. Honda Civic (MSRP starting at $18,740)

Top 5 vehicles rich Americans are driving


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Although the vehicles on this list have starting prices of $30,000 or less, they can easily cost more than $40,000 once you add on the features that you really want.

USA Today reports that a third of Ford F-150s sell in the “luxury price realm.”

Interestingly, the Honda Civic is also on the list of top-selling vehicles for those making $400,000 or more, behind Lexus RX350 and Tesla Model S.

Read more about MaritzCX’s study from USA Today.

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