Get these 2015 car models at deep discount!


Right now is a great time to get a discount on a car as dealers prepare to make room for new 2016 models.

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How to find the best deal right now

The best way to find a deal on a car at model year end is to choose the right kind. If dealers have a big inventory of one model, they’re more likely to sell it at a big discount to get it off the lot. For example, one great deal out there right now is on a Prius. The Prius is a fuel-efficient hybrid, but since gas prices are low, not as many people are running out to get one.

When it comes to Labor Day weekend deals, a new report from Consumer Reports found that the biggest discounts will be on American-made cars. The group says the key to real savings is to choose a good all-around car, and then negotiate a great deal from there. Here’s the list of the best Labor Day deals on cars.

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, check out Clark’s new car-buying guide.

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