Women entrepreneurs now control 9 million businesses


The number of women business owners has skyrocketed over the past 15-year period.

It was very unusual back even in the 1990s for a woman to own and operate her own business. Today, we have almost 9 million companies run by women in the U.S. Of these companies, one in three are owned by minorities.

So this is a way for women and minorities to overcome lack of income.

Not everybody is built and suited to be an entrepreneur. I would not know how to work for a big company. It’s just not who I am. I have been entrepreneurial from back in my 20s. So for me, nobody has to convince me. But a lot of people need that little push.

If you as women feel underappreciated, you feel like people don’t recognize your work, go ahead and seize that opportunity and see if you can make a living.

We had lady call into the show who was a school teacher. But she had a side interest in teaching people how to avoid drowning. So she stopped teaching school and now has a thriving business with many employees providing these programs for individuals and groups teaching them how to swim.

She was never an entrepreneur, but now she has that spirit. How about you?

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