Wings in short supply for Super Bowl Sunday


Beer and wings are at the top of everybody’s minds as we approach Super Bowl Sunday.

You may have heard the price of chicken wings has skyrocketed in a very short time. At the same time, we’re facing a shortage of wings. So some of you may not be sated this Super Bowl.

Try product or brand substitution and see if that helps you to enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday more. We will get through the wing shortage!

Meanwhile, how’s this for the set-up of a joke: ‘Two entrepreneurs walk into a sports bar…’

Only it’s not a joke. The Orange County Register  reports Brett Jones and Joseph McCarthy were just two guys at a bar who couldn’t get a beer because there was a big game on and they were crowded away from the bar.

So they thought, ‘What if I could just pour my own beer?’

That was the genesis of iPourIt, a self-serve system. You prepay by credit card and get an RFID bracelet that talks wirelessly with the tap, and you’re able to fill your own beer mug. In order to avoid over-serving, there’s a 32-ounce cap per night. It cuts you off to make sure you’re not drinking too much!

I love it that two guys knew there was a business here. They had to convince venture capitalists to manufacture the system and now they’re in a number of bars.

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