Twitter to pay content creators for videos


To stay competitive with Facebook and YouTube, Twitter is going to start paying content creators for videos.

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The service was already paying big entities like the NFL, but this deal is aimed at YouTube-style creators.

And according to ReCode, it’s giving them a pretty good deal. That outlet says 70% of ad revenue will go to creators and that Twitter is keeping 30% for itself.

YouTube actually only pays out about 55% to creators, and Facebook only pays certain companies and celebrities to use its live-streaming feature. It doesn’t actually pay for regular video.

Although, that doesn’t mean Twitter’s video content is going to get competitive overnight. YouTube already has a massive and established user base where creators already know they can make money.

But Twitter is doing something pretty smart and allowing creators to monetize content on multiple platforms, making it pretty easy for those already producing content to start posting on Twitter.

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