Treating customers and employees well is key to a successful busi


What attracts you to a business? What makes it possible for a business to grow and grow over time?

A recent Nielsen survey found that the most important factor is not a catchy slogan, a cute ad or even a great price. It’s referrals from friends. In other words, making you a happy customer makes you likely to tell your family and friends about your positive experience with a business.

It’s the oldest thing in business: Do a good job treating your customers right. It may seem trite and trivial. But the reality is if you romance your employees by treating them well and valuing them in deed, not just in word, they’ll romance your customers. Treating an employee well is not always about pay; there are other ways to do it too. And you can see the hustle in a business where employees feel cared about and valued.

I was talking to somebody who does business with a trifecta of poorly rated companies for her banking, cell phone and insurance needs. All the companies she’s with are known for poor customer service. “But they always treat me great,” is what she tells me. I can only reply that eventually, every one of them will treat her like dirt. It’s a question of “when,” not of “if.”

If you go with companies that treat people well, or your run your business by treating employees well, you will be rewarded over time. Promise!

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