Smart phone repair shops at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship


If you break your smart phone while you’re still under contract, you can kiss hundreds of dollars goodbye to get a new one through your wireless carrier. Or you can get it fixed for a fraction of the cost while you wait thanks to a new option in the marketplace.

Technology never stops changing and you never know where opportunities for entrepreneurs will emerge. Ten year ago, smart phones and the whole industry that’s sprung up around them did not exist.

Yet I read in The New York Post  about one particular entrepreneur who is witnessing 300% growth for his smart phone repair shop business in Manhattan. Now gadget handyman Brendan McElroy is contemplating opening another 20 stores across five states over the next two years.

My executive producer Christa recently went to a smart phone repair shop in metro Atlanta because she cracked her screen. She paid less than $100, though she concedes that’s on the expensive end.

A usual charge to replace a cracked screen, one of the most common repairs, might be between $50 to $110. However, someone recently suggested to her that she might have been able to get a free replacement screen has she gone to a retail outlet of her wireless carrier. (I’ve never heard that before, but it may be true.)

The point is, there’s probably something out there that makes you say, “Why is nobody doing this? I can make a living doing this.” People are always coming up with new ideas, like McElroy is with his burgeoning repair shop chain. They’re not all successful of course. But life never stops changing. Opportunity is all around us and it’s usually right before our eyes. You just need the guts to go for it!

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