Should plastic bags be banned?


Plastic bags could be banned in the state of California if a measure in the state assembly is approved.

One million plastic bags are now being used, according to industry trade publication Plastic News. Yet plastic bags have become like the new environmental enemy. More and more communities want to ban or tax.

Washington, D.C., put a five-cent tax on plastic bags back in 2010. The initiative reduced their use, but failed to bring in the anticipated tax revenue.

Now The Los Angeles Times reports there are 70 different communities in California that have either taxed or banned plastic bags. Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports Maryland is looking at a possible ban or a nickel a bag tax.

Bans drive me crazy. Whenever a politician proposes a new tax, particularly on alcohol or cigarettes, remember that the revenue they expect to come in probably won’t. People either divert purchases or they buy across state lines in tax-free states.

Balancing budgets by raising taxes never works. We simply change what we do and how we do it to reduce that projected income.

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