Rags-to-riches story inspires during tough economic times


If things seem hopeless, if you feel helpless, what creative thing can you do to turn it all around?

I was inspired by a story I read on CNNMoney about a young man named Dennis Anderson. This young person couldn’t find a job out of college, and he steadily eroded his savings and ended up just about flat broke while living in New England at the time. So he packed up his car with his remaining possessions and drove to the West Coast looking for opportunity.

He arrived with $40 to his name and found only abject poverty and homelessness living in his car. Anderson ended up taking temp jobs just so he could eat, but he still lived in his car. Then one day, he decided to take his last $20 and buy equipment to make personalized boutique soap, something he’d last done in a college chemistry class.

Anderson used a cheap crummy camera to take pictures of the soaps and offer them for sale online. He sold enough to get a better camera and then sales started to pick up once his pictures looked more professional.

Somebody then came to him wanting a boutique kind of soap made with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer! Well, that became an instant hit for Anderson. He started doing different odd combinations of foods — egg nog soap and chocolate cheesecake lip balm to name just two more — and his line just took off.

Now has a home, money in the bank and he’s doing very well.

I’m not telling you to go start a soap business. That’s not the point. The point is here’s somebody who was flat broke living in his car and he found an opportunity and has turned his life around.

Tough times like this call for creative solutions. Who knows what the right one would be for you? You’ve got to go out and find it!

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