The Cheapest Font To Print In Is…


I really hate to waste things. So I was excited when I read a Forbes report about a 14-year-old student who figured out a way to save the government millions of dollars just by changing the typeface on official documents!

Suvir Mirchandani discovered that a classic typeface called Garamond could save his school up to 24% on ink usage, which translates to $21,000 annually.

He dug deeper into his research and estimated that Garamond could save the Government Printing Office up to $136 million annually! All by switching away from popular fonts like Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Comic Sans!

It often takes a person like Suvir to think outside the box to make a money-saving breakthrough. Try printing in Garamond and home and see how it stretches your ink cartridges. (Read about the best printers for your money.)

Meanwhile, there’s another report I saw about 15 year old Carter Kostler who was inspired by problems with childhood obesity and all the sugary drinks.

Carter came up with, where you put water in and fruit in a separate container, and then you have flavored water in a reusable bottle. He’s sold 150,000 of these things so far!

What money making ideas do *you* have?

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