More companies go green to make green


Two entrepreneurs out of Orange County are aiming to make it easier for you to get rid of old electronics.

Matt Miller and Jaime Gonzalez have created the Green Box, a 6-by-5-foot box being placed in several locations around Southern California with an eye to expand the idea to other states, according to The Orange County Register.

Once you dump your e-waste in, the Green Box folks have a de-manufacturing plant where they take it apart. They sell what they can (plastic, steel and aluminum) to make money and then they see to the safe recycling of heavy metals with the help of third party contractors.

So often people view recycling startups like Green Box as just good works and it becomes a non-profit opportunity. But that’s not how you scale up a business to the point of expansion; you scale it up by figuring out how to make money doing it. That’s where Miller and Gonzalez are right now and I wish them great success because it’s a help to us all.

Meanwhile, USA Today  reports that more and more companies are going to zero landfill use. DuPont is taking its old shipping pallets and shredding them into chips for animal bedding; scrap Corian is being used for new countertops or landscape stone; and food waste is composted or turned into energy.

Over the course of three years, DuPont took the amount of waste generated in one division from 81 million pounds a year to zero. As they say, it’s good for the company’s bottom line. They’re making money out of what used to cost them money.

Doing it just takes creativity. If you’re creative, there’s opportunity out there, I promise you. Going green can turn into a different kind of green for you and your family.

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