Mobile Truck Businesses Are Hot Among Entrepreneurs


Want to be entrepreneur or have your own service business? Traditionally, that meant a store front with big rent, an obligation to a landlord, signing a personal guarantee and much more. The whole thing was sometimes far more money than people could handle.

But the food truck business showed us a different way. They’re inexpensive to equip, your overhead is lower, you get word of mouth buzz from the high visibility, and they can be a path to opening a traditional restaurant.

Mobile truck businesses take off

The mobile food trucks have become a blueprint for many other mobile businesses. I recently saw a mobile dog grooming service parked at my neighbor’s house. This woman who runs it goes to your home and does the dog grooming. Her clients love her and she’s fully booked.

With that particular business, her greatest advertising is being parked in somebody’s driveway with her number on the side of the truck in huge font. The truck has become her rolling billboard and her service center.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now we’re seeing mobile hair salons, mobile gym trainers with their own equipment, mobile women’s fashion trucks doing pop-up trunk sales. The sky is the limit. There are endless numbers of businesses selling goods or services that you can get into with low overhead entry through a truck vs. a fixed location.

I don’t know if this trend has influenced the auto market or vice versa. But these box-like trucks that are all the rage for delivery services — Nissan NVs, Ford Transit Connect and the like — all work perfectly to hold inventory or equipment.

So if you have an idea for a business but opening a traditional location is a bridge too far, see if the mobile trend can make it happen for you.

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