Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Snow Socks


As the Northeast and other parts of the country start digging out from the first massive snow storm of the year, this tip could be of help to them!

It’s amazing to me how entrepreneurial ideas comes from all kinds of places. Here’s one about a man who took an idea that he learned as a kid from his mom and turned it into a highly profitable product.

A few months back, I read a story in the Detroit News about a kid who grew in the snowy climate of Michigan. To prevent slipping on ice, his mom had come up with the idea of putting socks over her kids’ shoes. She discovered that the socks provided much better traction on the icy streets and sidewalks than anything else.

So the kid grows up and becomes a manufacturing engineer. He thought back to his childhood and had a revelation: If the socks provided that much better winter traction for shoes–why not see how it works on car tires too? The idea for “Snow Socks” was born.

Snow socks are made out of poly-olefin, a tough, lightweight fabric that slip on over tires. And they give much bertter traction than snow chains ever could — for just $99! They’re now sold on Amazon, AutoZone, and many more online retailers.
What about you? There are so many ideas out there that could benefit others, just waiting to be taken to another level. Have you ever said “I wish someone” would invent this, or offer that? Don’t wait until someone else does it first, and then it becomes “coulda, woulda, shoulda.”  Find a way to serve others, and serve yourself at the same time!

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