How To Save 80% on Small Business Cell Service


If you’re a small business, T-Mobile has a great deal on cellphone service that can help you reduce what you pay each month.

T-Mobile’s deal for small business

In the last year and a half, I’ve told you about a constant parade of deals on cellphone service for individuals and families. If you have not shopped recently and you’re on auto pilot with what you pay each month, especially with Verizon, you’re paying way too much.

But for small businesses not much has changed…until now. T-Mobile has a massive price cut for small and medium-sized businesses. The basic gist is that service starts at $16 for very small businesses and drops to $10 a month for medium sized businesses.

This new offer could reduce you cost per line per month by 80%. The new plans are set up for businesses to start at 10 lines of service for a total of $160 a month. (You can add family members who aren’t part of the business to meet that 10-person threshold.) Every line comes with unlimited talk and text, plus 1 GB of data per month. If you need more data, you pay for more either per line as needed or you can buy a block to share across all the lines.

One of the huge costs of small businesses is what you pay for mobile. Don’t waste your money anymore!

In the most recent speed tests, T-Mobile was fastest in midsized and large cities. But they’re weak outside of those corridors, and in rural areas they can be almost nonexistent. So figure out if you’d have coverage at work and in between work and home before you jump at this deal.

Meanwhile, HTC has a new offer that I’m excited about. With their newest phones, they will provide free replacement during the first year of ownership. They call it Uh-Oh Protection. What it means is that they will automatically replace your phone for 12 months if it breaks for any reason — even if you’re just a klutz!

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