Harry Potter author provides entrepreneurial inspiration


J.K. Rowling may not be an American, but she’s a shining example of the spirit of U.S. entrepreneurship.

She is an example of somebody who showed what you can do picking yourself up by your own bootstraps. J.K. was in a broken marriage with a young child, living on the dole (the British equivalent of welfare) and getting about $100 a week.

Her home in a council house (public housing) was infested with rats and she was suffering from depression. In the midst of that, she writes the first Harry Potter book. It was quickly rejected by major publishers, and picked up instead by a little publisher.

The rest is history, and now J.K.’s new book had an initial print run of 2 million copies.

Now, not everybody will have a book or a series of books in them. Not everybody can invent the next Google or Apple. But the point is in each of us, if we allow it, there’s that creative spirit that can lead to financial success.

It’s the reason why we in the U.S., after 5 years of terrible economic circumstances, will still figure out how to get our act together.

We can get inspiration by looking at other people’s stories. My next book that will be out in the spring of next year will be geared to this. It will be about the fact that you can take stories of others and find not a necessarily a blueprint for your own life, but the inspiration and guidance necessary to help you find your own path to financial security and success.

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