Fine shoplifters instead of arresting them?


TRANSCRIPT: Shoplifting is a terrible problem in this country for retailers and it can be an awful problem for you, obviously if you get caught. And let me tell you stores are getting more and more sophisticated with the technology to fine you when you are stealing.

Who knows why you’re stealing? A lot of times young people will shoplift because there is some kind of thrill to it, or someone will do it out of depression, and then there you are with a criminal record the rest of your life.

Well, a bunch of major retailers have banded together around the country and are offering an alternative to that criminal record if you get arrested for shoplifting or would be arrested. You get caught by the store shoplifting police their internal folks and then instead of calling the real police they offer you an option. You can pay a fine, $320, and go through a course that will work on your mind so you never want to shoplift again. Then you end up with no criminal record and hopefully you learn not to shoplift again. So, don’t ever find yourself in this situation to start with, but as an alternative to that criminal record, I sure like it. 

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