Fake Yellow Pages ads at center of scam


Small businesses are being harassed by crooks looking to rip you off for bogus Yellow Pages ads.

The crooks may set up a web address where they put a phony ad for your business and harass you about it for payment. They’ll say, “You owe use $699 for the ad and it’s due immediately.” Then they’ll tell you they’re about to pursue legal action if you don’t pay and they will ruin your credit.

The Better Business Bureau reports this scam is spreading big time around America. You should never give a penny to these crooks because if you do, that’s only the beginning.

If you give your checking account info to get them off your back, who knows how much they’ll steal from you? A common trick of the trade is to say you owe $699, but if you settle up before legal action begins, you can just pay $300. Basically, they’ll just try to rip you off for whatever they can.

This is just another way to create a sense of urgency in you to allow them to steal from you.

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