Facebook co-founder shuns the rich life, launches new startup


What would you do if you were filthy rich?

Dustin Moskovitz, the lesser known co-founder of Facebook, is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at 27. But he and a buddy who also played a role in the early days of Facebook aren’t buying an island or a private jet. They’re doing another startup.

Moskovitz is launching a company called Asana.com in the dumpy Mission District of San Francisco. The serial entrepreneur and his buddy sit in a big room with all 22 other employees everyday at work. They’re not exactly hidden away in private offices.

Asana offers task management for teams. It uses web-based ‘to do’ lists so you can see what everyone in your organization is working on at any time.

What I find so interesting is, here’s the wealthiest young guy in the world and he could just be a bum. His pre-IPO wealth was estimated at $4 billion. But he’s choosing to live a spartan existence and says that, more than anything else, all his money bought him freedom.

If you talk to a lot of ambitious, entrepreneurial types, they’ll tell you their wealth gave them the freedom to pursue what they wanted to do without having to compromise. They still work just as hard after they make their fortunes, but the difference is now they call all the shots and do what they really want to do in life.

Moskovitz’s whole goal is to change the world. He already did it once with Facebook. At 27, we’ll see what he gets to do in the future!

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