Entrepreneurs launch “Outbox,” a new mail-reading service


Clark respects entrepreneurs–those who find a need that’s not being met, and then take action to provide that service to the public.

Here’s a great example. Years ago, Clark’s brother — an on-the-go lawyer who was rarely in his office — had a contract with one of the office suites he rented: The office manager would open his bills and other mail, scan it in, and then email all the correspondence to him. This was a great convenience, and assured that he never missed an important bill or message when he was on the road.

This was a valuable service, one that up until recently wasn’t being addressed. Now, through the inspiration of two Harvard business school students, there’s a new startup that Clark read about http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/28/a-start-up-plans-to-digitize-your-postal-mail/) called Outbox.

Outbox is only available so far in Austin and San Francisco, but it’s a great idea. They’re doing a bigger version of what Clark’s brother was ahead of the curve on: They cahrge $5/month to go through your mail, recycle the junk mail, scan and email the others, and once you acknowledge receipt of it, they shred and discard the originals.

This is not only a great solution for traveling business people — imagine how useful this is for retirees and others who live in different locations throughout the year.
We’ll have to wait and see if this is a viable solution in the long run. (And let’s hope that Outbox employees are honest and efficient.)

But what Clark loves about this most is the creativity involved. There are so many chances out there to make a difference for the people around you. Stay alert.  As you go about your life, when you uncover a need that not’s being met , take note. Why not grab the opportunity to make some real cash?

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