Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in unlikely places


Here’s another testimony to the power of entrepreneurs. We’re seeing a ground swell of creative activity in some unlikely places across the country!

It used to be that you’d find entrepreneurs clustering in certain places like Silicon Valley. Then you had a lot of universities building annexes with the intent of creating a space to incubate small businesses.

But today, because of the nature of work and how it can take place anywhere thanks to the Internet, The Washington Post  reports entrepreneurs are everywhere too.

There are startups booming, as an example, in places like Kansas City and Des Moines. It used to be that businesses thrived where costs were extremely low and where good freeway corridors were available.

Kansas City is of note because that’s where Google is doing its first big test of a high-speed network. You may know that the U.S. trails the rest of world in the quality of Internet. So Google decided to make it happen. They’re doing something similar in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

The reality is entrepreneurship is more about what’s in your head than anything else.

There are two lessons I want you to take away. First, if you follow what you love, I believe the money will follow. Second, you should know that the opportunity that exists today comes of out nowhere. There’s no telling what will catch the public’s fancy. If you have an idea, put it out there.

Follow your dreams and who knows what kind of wealth and opportunity might be there? The key is you need a concept that gives the customer something he or she would love to have.

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