Entrepreneurial ideas can come out of nowhere


Are you sitting on an idea for something that could be worth a million bucks?

Pinterest is now the 16th largest site in the world and one of the fastest growing sites ever with 12 million members.

It was started by Iowa native Ben Silbermann. He came up with this crazy idea for an electronic bulletin board that you might pin recipes or photos on like you would a regular bulletin board in your kitchen.

When Pinterest first launched, nobody was into it. Halfway into its initial phase, the website had just 200 users. But Silbermann stayed at it and went to a conference of interior designers and told them what Pinterest could do for them when they wanted to share design ideas. That’s how it really got going.

Since then, traffic has been growing 50% every month. Pinterest particularly appeals to women. In fact, it’s grown so quickly that now there’s backlash about possible lawsuits over copyrighted material, with our copyright law in the United States being really antiquated.

The point is here’s a guy who less than two years ago came up with an idea on a whim. Now he’s built it into a huge thing, with no real business model, and he will wind up rich anyway.

The lessons here are two: First, follow what you love. Second, know that the opportunity that exists today comes of out nowhere. There’s no telling what will catch the public’s fancy. If you have an idea, put it out there.

Follow your dreams and who knows what kind of wealth and opportunity might be there? The key is you need a concept that gives the customer something he or she would love to have.

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