Entrepreneur has solution to help preemie babies


When Yamile Jackson gave birth to her son Zachary prematurely at 26 weeks, she wished there were a way she could cradle her baby while he was in the neonatal intensive care unit. So she invented a pair of fake arms with her scent on them!

The Houston Chronicle  reports Yamile, who works as an industrial engineer, developed a polyester sleeve filled with plastic pellets and covered with fabric that has the scent of the preemie’s parents. The device is now available in 32 countries and is called the Zaky in honor of her son.

So often in life, people say, ‘Well, there ought to be a way…’ or ‘Why haven’t they though of this…’

But who is “they?” There is no “they.” There’s just you and me. We all have the power to see things that aren’t working and to make them work.

Think about that. If you’re underemployed or unemployed, you probably see things every day that need improvement, things that can be done better. Is there a business idea there for you like there was for Yamile? Maybe so.

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