Entrepreneur develops lawn seed that requires little watering


High maintenance lawn care may become a thing of the past if one entrepreneur has his way.

Jackson Madnick is the man behind Pearl’s Premium, a new blend of ultra-low maintenance seed that can save homeowners money and is environmentally friendly.

According to Madnick’s website, “Pearl’s Premium rarely, or never, needs watering; grows very slowly and thrives without chemicals. The secret: roots that can reach 12 inches deep, tapping into naturally-occurring moisture and nutrients to produce a healthy, barefoot soft lawn.”

In the past, I’ve been excited by the idea of installing fake grass for the purpose of conserving water. (Pearl’s Premium is not fake; it’s 100% real!) Today’s fake grass is a far cry from the AstroTurf of yesteryear. In fact, you can’t tell today’s fake grass isn’t the real deal; manufacturers even weave in some decoy weeds!

In Las Vegas, homeowners were actually being paid to dig up their yards and convert them to desertscape. Stunningly, the Las Vegas Strip only uses 3% of the city’s water. That’s because casino owners are good capitalists and have used every possible water-saving technique in their buildings.

Back in 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported that California was offering a similar deal. Golden State homeowners were being encouraged to convert to landscaping that requires less water. But some local municipalities fined homeowners when they made the switch. (Talk about state and local governments working at cross purposes!)

For my money, I love what Madnick has done with Pearl’s Premium and I salute his entrepreneurial spirit.

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