Creative 4-year-old transforms garbage bags into dresses to boost her confidence


Requests are pouring in for a savvy, 4-year-old business woman.

Zoe Waago is making trendy dresses out of garbage bags. The preschooler suffers from alopecia and recently lost her hair.

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Her business took off when her 18-year-old brother, Matt Konnick, tweeted out photos of his sister modeling her trash bag creations.

The tweet shows a few photos of Zoe wearing her garbage bag creation, as well as a text message from Konnick’s mom.

“Your sister is starting her own business,” the text says. “Check to see if anyone wants to purchase a garbage bag designer dress for $2.”


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Konnick’s tweet was retweeted 9,000 times. He says the tweet has earned Zoe hundreds of new customers.

But as it turns out, these haute frocks are more more exclusive than originally advertised. Right now they are exclusively for family and friends.

Konnick says the garbage bag project means a lot to his sister.

“As she grows older, she’s starting to have an idea of her own condition,” Konnick told the Today Show. “Fashion is a way for her to feel good about herself… Creating those dresses and wearing them makes her feel pretty.”

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