Companies that value their employees are more profitable


Clark just returned from ski trip in Utah last weekend. While he was out there, it was freezing cold, but he found some hot deals!

Clark nabbed a Priceline ski hotel for just $69- a great bargain. And while he was out getting his In-and-Out burger lunch, he visited a store he’d been hearing a lot about: WinCo Foods.

WinCo is a growing supermarket chain that is owned by its employees. The prices are fantastic, and the stores are spotless. The employee, being owners, are laser-focused on service and their customers. The experience was unlike any he’s ever seen.

Clark contrasts this with Home Depot, a company that once lost its connection to its employees. During that time, the company started tanking fast. A new leader came along, restored treating their employees with respect, and now the stock is back up.

The thing about business: if you look at your employees with comptempt, or treat them as no more than numbers, their loyalty is going to suffer. And so will your business. Treating employees with respect is truly the ‘secret sauce’ to profitability. The more you value your workers, the more they will value the company and its customers. It really goes hand-in-hand.

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